Cummins Logistics, Inc. has a rich history dating back to 1976. David Cummins founded the company along with his wife, Anna. Back then, they worked in the transportation industry and hauled goods all over California.

As the years went on, the company steadily grew and expanded its fleet to 25 trucks and over 200 trailers, eventually becoming one of the most established 3PL companies in Los Angeles. Cummins Logistics has served significant customers throughout the Los Angeles region delivering name-brand retail commodities and becoming a trusted partner and warehouse provider to all major grocery store chains in Southern California.

Family-Owned Focus

In 1996, the company downsized operations and kept only two tractor-trailers and one major customer. This decision proved successful, and Dave pivoted and once again grew the company to mainly focus on the cosmetics industry, becoming one of only a few 3PL companies in California providing services to the high-end hair care and cosmetic industry.

In 2002, the next generation of the Cummins family took over, and their son Devin Cummins started driving for the company while learning the transportation business. Over the next few years, Cummins Logistics became one of the leading 3PL companies in Los Angeles, enhancing its fleet and growing to three trucks and five owner-operators servicing multiple customers across Southern California.


In 2006, the Cummins family pivoted from transportation to the Logistics and Warehousing industry. Cummins Logistics was founded and started to grow its 3PL warehousing capabilities as the transportation side was phased out.

In 2020, while focusing on providing exceptional customer service, Cummins Logistics decided to get out of transportation completely and solely cater to our customers’ needs in Warehousing and Logistics. This transformed our operations, making us one of the most specialized 3PL companies in California.

Contact Us for Warehousing Solutions

Want to work with one of the most reliable 3PL companies in Los Angeles? Whenever you require 3PL warehousing, inventory management, cross-docking, transloading services, or distribution solutions, Cummins Logistics is here to assist you. Allow us to help you with your day-to-day logistics needs. To inquire about our services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.