The beverage industry grapples with distinct warehousing challenges such as space optimization, strategic location, and efficient distribution. For beverage producers and distributors in the non-refrigerated sector, seeking warehousing solutions that are spacious and strategically positioned for easy access to major markets is critical.

At Cummins Logistics, we address these needs precisely. Our strategically located 86,000-square-foot 3PL warehouse in Los Angeles is located near key maritime ports and rail – designed to meet your unique requirements. Our convenient warehouse access ensures your products are stored effectively and distributed seamlessly.

Strategic Warehousing Solutions for Beverage Businesses

The cornerstone of success for beverage companies lies in the reliability and efficiency of their warehousing solutions. At Cummins Logistics, we know that beverage producers and distributors require warehouses that store their products securely and facilitate easy and fast distribution. That’s why our core services are designed around the specific needs of non-refrigerated beverages, ensuring that every aspect of storage and distribution is carefully considered.

Our core beverage warehousing services include:

  • Optimized Storage Layouts: We utilize a well-organized storage system that maximizes space efficiency while ensuring easy access to your products. This is crucial for managing large inventories and facilitating quick movement of goods.
  • Seamless Integration with Distribution Networks: We understand the importance of quick turnaround times. Our strategic location enables smooth integration with various transportation networks, ensuring your products reach the market promptly.
  • Cloud-Based Inventory Management: Our system is designed to offer real-time insights into your inventory at our warehouse so you can confidently track, manage, and plan your beverage distribution.

At Cummins Logistics, our goal is not just to provide a space for your products but to be a strategic partner in your business’s growth. By choosing us, you gain more with a dedicated team committed to the success of your beverage business.

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