Where are the Cummins Logistics warehouse facilities located?

Our 86,000-square-foot warehouse space is located at 6289 E. Slauson Avenue, Commerce, CA 90040, and is strategically situated near major maritime ports of entry, including Los Angeles and Long Beach. This impressive warehouse capacity meets the storage needs of a wide variety of clients.

What types of storage are offered?

We specialize in third-party logistics (3PL) warehousing solutions at the pallet level, meaning our expertise lies in storing and managing customers’ goods on a pallet. Instead of dealing with individual items or small quantities, our services cater to businesses that need and desire efficient pallet-level inventory storage, warehousing and distribution.

What is the minimum commitment term for services?

We offer a flexible month-to-month service model. We’ve chosen not to lock our clients into long-term leases with confusing fine print, providing you with agility and cost-effectiveness. In fact, we take pride in our services for this very reason – our Mission is always to be able to pass our warehousing cost savings on to you, our valued customers.

Will you help track my inventory?

Absolutely! We offer a 3PL cloud-based real-time inventory management system. Because of this, you can conveniently monitor and track your inventory while it is in our warehouse, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

Do you provide cross-docking services?

Yes, we provide cross-docking services and transloading services to streamline your logistics operations. However, please note that Cummins Logistics does not provide full-fledged freight or transportation services, meaning all transportation to and from our warehouse must be provided by you or a third party.

Do you provide picking and packing services?

To maximize warehouse management efficiency, our services include picking master cartons from one pallet and moving them to another pallet in order to build pallet-level orders. We do not open cartons to pick individual pieces for small-parcel shipments; that is, we do not offer kitting services for eCommerce order fulfillment.

Do you provide transportation services?

No, Cummins Logistics does not provide transportation services to or from our warehouse location. However, we do have a strategically located warehouse location for your transportation needs.