When it comes to warehousing and logistics, location and convenience matters. At Cummins Logistics, we understand the importance of having a strategic location that services our clients well. Our 86,000-square-foot warehouse is centrally located near the major maritime ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles. Because of this strategic location, we are perfectly positioned to offer our valued import warehousing customers the following:

Benefits of Warehousing

Port Proximity Advantage

Enhanced Customer Access

Security Assurance

Cost-Effective Operations

Logistics Optimization

Import Partnership Edge

Convenient Port of Entry Warehousing Solutions

Cummins Logistics offers warehousing and distribution services that are conveniently located near the maritime ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. With easy access to many surrounding areas such as Orange County, San Diego County, San Bernardino County, and Ventura County, we take pride in being a central point of location and your trusted distribution facility.

Customer Service and Convenient Access

Warehousing solutions are an integral part of the supply chain process. Our warehouse is environmentally friendly and is secured by our state-of-the-art 24 hour video surveillance security system as well as off site monitoring, ensuring the safety and protection of your valuable assets while they are in our care.


By outsourcing your import warehousing to a third party logistics warehousing provider such as Cummins Logistics, you save time and money for your business’s bottom line. With lower overhead and transportation costs, you can pass those savings on to your customers as well. As a 3PL provider, we have the expertise and the resources to manage your products for you.

Streamlining Supply Chain Logistics

As a 3PL provider, we are able to streamline the transportation of your inventory therefore streamlining your supply chain. With our off site camera tracking software you can monitor your inventory in real time, allowing you to prevent overstocking or stockouts for your customers, saving you and the customer time and money in the long run.

Strategic Partnership for Import Warehousing

As your inventory is exported from overseas and imported to the US, Cummins Logistics is your strategic partner in storing and providing solutions for your inventory once it arrives to the maritime ports in Long Beach or Los Angeles. Our distribution and warehousing solutions are managed with you – our valued customers – in mind. Contact us to discuss your business needs and our team of experts can provide you with solutions today!

Inquire About Our Warehousing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Which types of businesses do Cummins Logistics serve with warehousing solutions?

We offer warehousing solutions to various industries, including manufacturing, retail, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, product distributors, food, beverage, glass, and plastics. Our warehousing facilities can handle electronics, automotive parts, and consumer products. We’re committed to supporting businesses of every scale, from emerging startups to established multinational corporations, ensuring tailored storage and distribution services that efficiently meet the unique demands of each sector.

How flexible are Cummins Logistics’ warehousing solutions in accommodating seasonal fluctuations in inventory demand?

We offer scalable space allocation, enabling our clients to adjust their warehouse space usage based on their current inventory needs. Our advanced inventory management systems and adaptable staffing models are adjusted to match the cyclical demand patterns of our clients’ businesses. This approach guarantees that our partners can optimize inventory levels and warehousing costs year-round, regardless of seasonal variations.

How does Cummins Logistics ensure the security and safety of stored inventory?

The security and safety of the inventory stored in our warehouses are paramount to us. We employ advanced surveillance systems, access controls, and fire suppression technologies around the clock to mitigate risk and deter unauthorized access. We adhere to strict inventory handling and storage standards, with our team of trained professionals following best practices to maintain the integrity and safety of the goods. We also do regular audits and inspections to reinforce our warehouse security and safety standards.

How can I monitor and track my inventory within the Cummins Logistics warehousing system?

We provide comprehensive monitoring and tracking capabilities within our warehousing system, granting you real-time access to your inventory levels and movements. You can access detailed inventory reports and tracking updates and receive alerts through an intuitive online portal or mobile app. This system enables effective inventory management, including order tracking, stock level oversight, and analysis of historical data, equipping you with the insights you need to make informed decisions about your inventory.

Why should I select Cummins Logistics as my warehousing provider?

We are dedicated to providing flexible, reliable, and scalable solutions designed to meet the specific needs of diverse businesses. With our robust security measures, state-of-the-art inventory management systems, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, you can count on us as your preferred warehousing provider. Our expertise in handling a wide range of goods and our strategic warehouse locations facilitate efficient distribution and logistics management.